2018 - The Year of Engagement

2018 - The Year of Engagement

January 17th 2018 - employee motivation, employee engagement, engagement, customer loyalty

The festive period almost seems like a blurry and distant memory but now we are all propelled forward into the new working year feeling refreshed and exuberant.

It can be difficult bringing in the new year with the expectation of starting something new and we understand that even just thinking of a resolution can seem pretty daunting. But now is the perfect time for businesses to start thinking outside of the box. What can we change today that will better our tomorrow?

One place to start is with the main asset of every business… your employees!

There are many ways for us to keep our employees engaged in the company. As we know, not everyone is motivated by the same things in life, so understanding our employees is just the first step on the road to fully engaged and loyal members of staff.

One way we can do this is by carrying out an employee survey, to understand more about the people we work with and to gather their thoughts on their work environment, career opportunities within the business or what challenges they come up against in their job role. You can then apply this feedback and knowledge to the improvement of the various areas within the business that may need extra attention, leaving you with a happy and loyal work force who feel they are truly valued.

It is far more important to retain than to train new staff. A recent study shows that the cost of replacing lost talent is 70 to 200 percent of that employee’s annual salary. By retaining employees and ensuring they are engaged enables the organisation to keep the overall costs to a minimum.

Engaged employees can be the biggest weapon in your marketing arsenal and by focusing on what you can do to improve this, you will be gifted with loyal brand ambassadors who will positively represent your company.

If you are thinking of kicking off the new year with a new approach to keeping your customers and employees loyal, then get in touch with us at incentivesmart for some honest, no-nonsense advice on the how to do so. We would love to help!

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