Create a Loyalty Programme that will Engage Your Sales Channels and Customers

Create a Loyalty Programme that will Engage Your Sales Channels and Customers

July 13th 2020 - customer loyalty
It's easy to understand how a happy and motivated sales channel will impact the customer experience your company offers. After all, when was the last time you bought something from a salesperson who lacked product knowledge or showed little interest in you as a buyer?

The relationship between customers and salespeople is coactive, and both would benefit from a loyalty programme that aligns them to your core business values. By doing this, you ensure that distributors are driven to represent your brand with consistency and care, and that customers receive enhanced experiences that promote repeat purchase behaviours.         

Download our free checklist to find out what you need to consider in order to  make sure you pick the right customer loyalty platform for your business.

There are key elements that help to create effective distribution channels:

  • Alignment with company values.
  • Strong knowledge base on products and services.
  • The ability to listen and communicate. 
  • Drive and motivation to succeed and reach targets.
  • Confidence and belief in the products and services they are selling.
  • Honesty and integrity towards the business and its customers.

These are just some of the qualities and behaviours you'd like to see represented in your sales channels in order to achieve customer satisfaction and engagement. A loyalty programme can help you to create a culture that consistently executes these best practices and helps your business to grow through engaged and motivated sales partners. 

Personalised rewards for customers and sales distributors 

If a business offers a reward to customers based on their interactions with the brand, those customers are 78.6% more likely to engage with it. Your rewards programme will track platform and catalogue activity to help you understand your customers’ habits. This information can then be used to present rewards based on their preferences and interests. If certain parts of the rewards catalogue complement the customers’ interests, you can present them with the kind of rewards they’ll gain the most value from. 

But personalised rewards shouldn't just be for your customers. Rewards should extend to your sales channels, too. A 'thank you' for their hard work will mean a whole lot more when it's something that they feel is special to them. Third-party distributors usually sell the products of other brands too. Rewarding their efforts for selling your products will help to keep them loyal. 

Email communication 

In our highly connected world, there's really no reason why a business should be inconsistent or infrequent in its communication with distributors. As part of your loyalty programme, you should prioritise regular emails that incorporate and reinforce company values. Offer updates and insights on how the business is performing and mention any important details about products or services that may be getting an upgrade or that are running low on stock. Provide the tools and support needed to understand how and why your products and services are best positioned to solve the customer challenges and needs. Touching base with sales channels through email will keep communication fluid and show transparency and dedication on your company's behalf. 

Training through surveys and quizzes for sales distributors

Encouraging your salespeople to stay on top of their game through regular training has enormous benefits for your business. According to Forbes, 68% of workers view training and development as the most important workplace policy. Using your loyalty programme, you can engage sales channels with surveys and quizzes that make learning more digestible and entertaining with simple gamification. You can boost product knowledge and increase brand awareness by awarding points to individuals who show up to your online learning initiatives and actively engage with them by completing the quizzes and surveys successfully. 

Add incentive elements 

This refers to the programme itself. Why not offer reward promotions in your programme throughout the year to help incentivise your sales channels a little further? One month, you can help them acquire their reward faster by offering double points. The deadline and a clear outline of how far away they are from achieving their goal will boost brand engagement for that period. In conjunction with a customer promotion, this incentivisation will motivate your sales channels to push the campaign to your customers.

Make sure everyone knows how the loyalty programme works and its value

Whenever you introduce a new tool or programme into your business, your onboarding process will be what determines its success. Make sure that you set aside sufficient time to train and prepare your distributors for using and interacting with the platform. Make information and how-tos accessible and easy to understand so that your already busy distributors don't feel overwhelmed by yet another tricky task. 

Creating a rewarding culture with your partnerships will enable you to do this successfully and in turn engage your sales channel to provide a quality service. It's important for you as a brand to step in and lead by example when it comes to embracing the new programme and support your channels during the learning phase. Ensure all key stakeholders (people and departments) understand the importance of the part they play and the value of playing it.


At Incentivesmart, we offer a customisable reward programme that can be tailored to your company's specific needs with a suite of modules and integrations to choose from. We understand the importance of building and reinforcing brand values. We’ll design your platform in a way that not only integrates your visual brand identity, but also the values that drive your processes. We provide a broad catalogue of rewards to suit your audience and make sure that your salespeople and distributors find value in the awards they are working towards. 

Download the checklist below, to find out the crucial differentiators to consider when choosing your customer loyalty platform, that will support the engagement and success of your programme.

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