How to get Consumers and Sales Channels Engaged With a New Customer Promotion

How to get Consumers and Sales Channels Engaged With a New Customer Promotion

July 28th 2020 - customer loyalty
Your loyalty programme should reward your customers and your distributors. Salespeople work hard to build networks and relationships that allow them to put your products in front of the right audience, and their efforts should be recognised. Likewise, customers that show consistent loyalty and engagement should be encouraged and rewarded for choosing your brand time and time again. So, if your marketing team has created an exciting promotion that you're hoping will boost sales or interest in your offering, it's essential to consider two things:

  1. How will you encourage your distributors through the sales process?
  2. How will you pique interest and engagement from your customers?
Customers and sales: Make an emotional connection

The brands that succeed are the ones that invest in building strong emotional connections with their customers and distributors – the sales transaction shouldn't be the main point of focus. Your customers want the reassurance that they're investing in a brand that aligns with their values, and your sales channels want to receive meaningful rewards that will actually drive their productivity. 

When launching a promotion, one of the key benefits is the amount of true engagement you can drum up. The campaign should focus on long term profitability, rather than a short term spike through discounts. Give your customers and distributors something to be excited about. For example, instead of instantly forgettable monetary prizes or rebates, offer a rewards promotion where points are awarded in return for desirable behaviours that can be redeemed immediately or collected over time in exchange for higher value rewards later. 

Just one example of this would be offering double points over a certain period to encourage your customers and distributors to make the most of the promotion. This creates a more personal drive to demonstrate the desired behaviour you're hoping to reinforce.  

By using a rewards programme you can set up new promotions that provide continuous value to the customer and encourage them to purchase from you again in the future, rather than simply snapping up a low priced item and not paying attention to the brand behind the product. Equally, using promotions in a rewards programme for distributors alongside a promotion targeted at customers will incentivise the distributors to push your new campaign as it’s also an opportunity for them to reach their desired goals faster. 

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Sales Channel training

Your sales distributors need the knowledge to confidently answer customers' questions regarding your product or promotion. Sending out the shiny brochures and promotional posters may not be enough to help them close the deal. 

Supply all the necessary content and resources that distributors need in order to understand the goal of your new promotion as well as the unique features and benefits they should be emphasising to your customers. To motivate distributors to take up the training, you can make use of fun quizzes and award points to participants who are regularly logging in and stacking up the knowledge. This will encourage them to become brand experts and help them to make effective sales – plus, they'll be rewarded for all the effort they've put in. 

The more knowledgeable your representative comes across, the more reassurance the customer gains that they are buying from a reliable, trustworthy brand. Furthermore, this gives your distributors a chance to shine as they will be able to offer genuine insights around the product and promotion that help buyers make the right purchasing decision for their needs. 

Customers and sales: Retarget 

The more you support your distributors in getting the word out to customers about the upcoming promotion, the more attention they're likely to give it. Often, they already have other brands and products to push, but if you set them up with all the content in an easy to share format, they'll be more inclined to share your promotions with their clientele. 

Segment and target the right audience through your digital advertising and give your promotion the necessary boost it needs. Create banners and content that distributors can put up on their website to help your promotion stand out. Encourage the sales channels to share details about the campaign on their social media pages and reward them for their efforts by allocating reward points.

Sales channels: Educational content emails

Consistency in communication is critical to sales promotions. Your promotion will need much more than an initial launch email notifying sales channels of your new campaign. To get a worthwhile return on investment and meet your long term profit goals, you should send out regular emails to your distributors, providing them with educational content that they can use when reaching out to their customers. The easier you make it for distributors to not only get on board with your promotion but also to push it out to their audience, the more engagement you're likely to get.

Sales and customers: Make it simple

No one likes obstacles. Make your promotion easy to sell and easy to obtain. Help both your distributors and customers understand what's required of them in order to earn the necessary points and get the reward.

Your platform should clearly display how many points each party has accumulated and how far away they are from getting their reward. To make the success of your campaign measurable, you should set a time limit and let participants know what the cut off date is. For example, a salesperson may need to make a specific number of sales, or a customer may have to make a purchase that amounts to a particular value. When there is a timeframe in place, individuals will feel more motivated to engage with the promotion and make sure they don't miss out on the opportunity. 

Engaged distributors and engaged customers make for a successful customer promotion; it's an essential ecosystem that can be a powerful tool for all businesses. Using a customer loyalty platform that keeps everyone plugged into your news updates and engages them through fun, educational content will help to ensure that your promotions are always a success. What's more, the platform will enable you to track progress and make sure you're getting the required ROI. 

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