The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule

May 5th 2017 - employee motivation, employee engagement, customer loyalty

In life, we know to follow the Golden Rule “Do as you would be done by”; simply put ‘treat others as you would want to be treated’. But internally in business this is far too often forgotten.

All companies have guidelines and best practices for how their customers should be treated. Repeat custom and loyalty is so important to a thriving and successful, long standing business, but many companies don’t catch onto the fact that these same best practices should be extended to staff, and that the type of service staff provide to each other will be directly reflected in the way external service is provided.

Think about it this way - your staff are the most important advocates of your brand, so they should of course be treated in the same way as your customers.

It’s safe to assume there aren’t a great deal of companies who can say they know their employees as well as they know their customers. Are you nourishing your staff’s experience of the brand in the same way as you are for your customers?

One example of the Golden Rule in practised is at Disney Institute. Here an environment of fantastic internal customer service is cultivated. They impress upon their staff that it’s everyone’s responsibility to provide great service, whether it be internal or external. By this rationale they are creating ambassadors for their brand - people who feed off excellent service as well as offering it. When you think about it, it makes sense: How can you deliver amazing customer service to your customers if you’re not fostering it internally - living and breathing it?

So how can you create the same kind of environment in your own business, with your employees? You could start off by asking yourself these questions about your staff;

  • How well do you know them?
  • Do you know what they think of your business?
  • Do you know what matters to them?
  • Are you nourishing your staff’s experience of your brand in the same way as you do for your customers?

So much time and effort is spent on customer engagement, but do you know whether your staff are as engaged with your brand as your customers?

It doesn’t take much effort to have a look internally and ask the questions. One way of doing this is with a staff engagement programme. You might already have a programme for your customers, something to influence their behaviour and head towards an end goal. But schemes like this can work for your staff to. You could have particular end goals you want to inspire your staff to work towards, or you might simply want to encourage the golden rule in your business environment.

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