Top 3 signs to avoid the dreaded customer churn

Top 3 signs to avoid the dreaded customer churn

March 19th 2021 - customer loyalty

Think of a brand that you love. Let’s take Nike as an example. (Other brands are available…)

You’re on their website looking for new trainers and come across the perfect pair. But then you see that dreaded little cross over your size. Not to worry, you love Nike so you find a different pair. BUT… the same thing happens again. It’s annoying, right?!

You now have 3 options. A) Contact Nike and see when they’re back in stock. B) Sit and wait patiently for your size to be restocked. C) Consider an Adidas pair instead.

If you answer B or C, you are a “quiet customer”. These are people who sit back and don’t raise concerns, ask questions or share feedback.

The danger of a quiet customer


With quiet customers, it’s hard to gauge how they’ve found their experience with your brand. How do you know if they’re happy? Do they have an issue that they’re trying to resolve?

If they leave, you may be asking yourself why? Was there anything we could have done differently? You have no way of knowing what could be improved or changed going forward to prevent this from happening again. We don’t know unless we ask and check in with them!

With a consistent two-way communication, you can easily identify if a customer is unhappy and avoid the dreaded customer churn.

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Here are our top 3 signs to look for:

1) Increase (or decrease!) in support tickets

If you have a support ticket system, you can easily identify problems should there be an increase in tickets. Also, if a customer who uses the support ticket system regularly suddenly reduces their contact, they may either be a) completely satisfied or b) they’re fed up and looking for an alternative solution. Follow-up with them either way!

2) HELLO? Is anyone there?

If customers suddenly go quiet, this may be because someone else has their attention. “Someone else” being YOUR COMPETITOR! Regular communication is VITAL! And the stats prove it... A study by Kolsky found that 11% of churn can be prevented if a business simply reaches out. It really is that simple!

3) Listen very CAREFULLY!

When you have regular catch-ups with your customers, be very conscious of passing comments. They may mention something your competitor offers which you don’t. They may be aware of what else is out there. Take this as an indicator that they have been shopping around and ensure you pick up on these subtle comments.

Let’s wrap up!

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source or learning. (And the unhappy ones may also be the quiet ones!) By checking in with them regularly, you can understand their main issues, how you can resolve them and most importantly – reduce customer churn!

We have many more tips on how to improve your customer retention that we’d love to share with you! Download your free guide to improving your customer retention today.

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