Drive sales & engagement through your sales channels

The objectives are simple: To increase sales and profits by changing sales behaviour.

If you sell your products through dealers, distributors, installers or any other channel Channel partners are a key to business growth so it's essential that they understand and believe in your brand and product offerings.

Good channel programmes should not just be a simple incentive, designed to buy behaviour. That kind of programme is easy for your competitors to copy and easy for your audience to see through. A great channel programme focuses on product knowledge, brand engagement and changing everyday behaviours – we aim to create brand advocates and evangelists, who don't just sell your products because they'll get a reward, they sell them because they believe in your brand.

Incentive programmes that are designed to increase sales are naturally much simpler to measure than less tangible employee schemes and dealer reward programmes are often funded directly by the profit they generate and allow for awards, promotion, administration, research and training.

The Incentivesmart platform uses sophisticated points banking technology to manage complex enterprise level reward programmes.  We help you to develop more rewarding relationships and trust with your dealers, distributors, franchisees and direct sales networks.  We help you to develop strong partnerships, increased loyalty, improved communication, advocacy, and increased sales.

Incentivesmart have worked with some of the World's most outstanding clients to create compelling channel sales incentive and reward strategies.

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How can incentivesmart help?

How can Incentivesmart help?

incentivesmart offer a range of products and services that help businesses build, deploy and measure channel loyalty strategies, aimed at improving all round engagement with dealers and resellers.

Our customer loyalty and channel incentive programs have helped:

  • Dealer networks

  • Distributors networks

  • Franchise organisations

  • Direct sales organisations

  • Buying Groups

  • Boost channel sales revenue
  • Improve profit margins
  • Identify and engage end-users
  • Launch new products
  • Establish a USP
  • Acquire and retain customers
  • Gather valuable customer data and insight
  • Strengthen relationships with dealers, distributors, resellers and customers
  • Increase customer loyalty and market share

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If you are interested in improving performance in any of these areas talk to us today about how we can work with you to achieve happier, more profitable relationships with your employees, customers and channels.

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