Our Culture

and values

Every day we are helping our customers to create great workplace cultures, so we strive to make sure that our own culture is at the heart of everything we do. 

Poor workplace culture costs businesses millions every year, but worse than that it makes work a crappy place to be. Every company has a culture, whether good or bad, so we decided we would work hard to create a culture we love.

It’s NOT about pool tables, great coffee or an open bar on a Friday. (although we have that stuff too). It’s about making everyone feel valued, empowered, trusted and like you belong to something bigger than yourself. We always employ people on attitude before aptitude, train them to be the best and as a result we have a great team of real people with awesome life experience.

We’re a group of problem solvers, designers, developers, helpers and critics. We are Incentivesmarties and we always work hard to deliver special programmes because we believe deeply our mission and values!

What we believe

we know that employee engagement and customer loyalty are fundamentally linked.
Our mission is to transform how businesses of all sizes attract, engage and delight their employees and customers.

Our SMART Values

Standards - Wow everyone!
Motivation - Enjoy yourself!
Aspiration - Challenge everything!
Responsibility - Own it!
Teamwork - Support one another!

Our products help ambitious businesses to create a culture of reward, recognition, involvement, understanding and communication. They help to celebrate success and connect our customers with their employees and customers.


Become an Incentivesmarty

We’re never shy of doing things differently at Incentivesmart.  We love to disrupt, create, lead and to make life as great as possible for our people and our customers. Do you like the sound of that?

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