Help create positive employee behaviours through reward and recognition. 


The behaviour of the people in your business is central to creating your workplace culture, and ultimately how productive and successful your business is. Behaviour, at an individual level, not only affects the attitude and behaviour of those around your people, but can also affect how much they are paid, whether they should be promoted, and what type of reward or recognition they might receive. 

When we take a step back and see how powerful positive behaviour is for a business’ success, it becomes clear how critically important it is for organisations to make sure their employees’ exhibit the qualities they want to see and, act in a way that matches the needs of the business.

Using reward and recognition effectively can help encourage employees to uphold these behaviours and, provide a clear and visible way for them to understand how they can support the companies values.

LP graphic-Rewarding Positive Behaviour Guide and Cheat SheetDiscover how you can create positive behaviours with reward and recognition with this guide and cheat sheet, which will cover:

  • How you can create positive behaviours in workplace
  • How reward and recognition can encourage positive behaviour
  • Practical steps to creating a reward and recognition strategy
  • Rewarding positive behaviour cheat sheet with real-life examples
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