Achieve Your Desired Employee Behaviours With Incentivesmart

Achieve Your Desired Employee Behaviours With Incentivesmart

October 23rd 2020 - employee engagement
As with any initiative to get the desired behavioural outcomes from your employees, it's important to clearly identify the problems your organisation is facing and tailor your approach to targeting those issues.

Incentivesmart enables you to customise your programme according to the needs of your business and offers the necessary support and advice to make sure that your goals are achieved. 

To hone in on the design of the Incentivesmart platform and create result-driven programmes that bring out the best in your team, we've dedicated years to the study of industrial psychology and understanding human behaviour. 

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Let's take a look at some of the common behaviours that our clients try to invoke in their employees and how the Incentivesmart platform enables this.

Increase employee communication

The modern digital economy can often create fast-paced but isolated work environments for workers. Good and effective communication at all levels is crucial for the development of any business. 

Effective communication is more than just a notice board or a monthly team meeting, you want ideas to flow freely and for colleagues to recognise each other's efforts. Encouraging open and honest feedback is a core activity that allows for employees to express concerns, raise issues and drive quick resolutions to problems before they become bottlenecks. These endeavours will help to create an open and progressive environment that encourages creativity and camaraderie to flourish.

40% of engaged employees credit collaboration with colleagues as the reason behind this behaviour. 

The Incentivesmart platform allows peers to nominate each other for rewards and commendations so that no small feat goes unnoticed. Communication is an essential team building function in any organisation and should not be compromised.

Increase employee participation levels

Most businesses encourage employees to have an awareness of the policies and best practices that are in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone at work. In some industries, it's crucial to comply with specific procedures and engage with the learning process essential to the execution of certain tasks. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to engage employees with these training endeavours. 

With the Incentivesmart platform, employees can earn reward points for completing the necessary training you've assigned or reading up on the policies that you need them to comply with. If there is an immediate benefit to doing something which may be perceived as boring, some individuals will feel more motivated to be plugged in and switched on during the training period. One in three employees felt that uninspiring content was a barrier to learning. You can tackle this challenge by a) making your learning material more fun and interactive, and b) providing rewards for each level that an employee completes. This initiative could save money for your business (and lives, potentially) by helping to prevent negligence.

Increase engagement with internal communication

Ensuring all employees feel included is critical, particularly if you have remote teams or operate a large organisation with multiple departments, shift patterns, and locations. If you'd like your internal stakeholders to align with your brand's values, it's important to make them feel part of the brand. The Incentivesmart platform has a newsfeed feature so that businesses can publicise corporate activities, updates and achievements. It's a quick and simple way to create a centralised source of company information that allows teams of all sizes and structures to be kept in the loop. Using this tool will help to enhance transparency in your organisation and show a proactive approach to affecting and communicating change.

Enhance performance

Many businesses acquire talented, highly skilled employees only to be left wondering why these individuals hit a plateau in performance. Various factors can affect an employee's motivation and incentive to go above and beyond for an organisation. With Incentivesmart, you can use the feedback tools to plug into the challenges which may be discouraging (or even disabling) team members from reaching their targets. 

Companies with engaged employees outperform those without by 202%. Dale Carnegie

Our incentive programme allows you to give genuine thank yous for the efforts your employees put in. Instead of giving out blanket rewards that may not appeal to the individual needs of your employees, they can receive something that will truly add value to their lives. When your employees feel recognised amongst their peers or awarded for their above-and-beyond actions, it shows that your organisation sees them as individuals and acknowledges their contributions.

Gaps or bottlenecks in your employees’ work environment may also be affecting productivity and performance. It’s hard to pick up on these issues as workers often find habitual ways of dealing with them which unnecessarily prolong their daily tasks. Make your employees feel comfortable about requesting new equipment, software or training by pointing them to Incentivesmart’s Ideas Module. Here, your team can highlight the shortfalls in their day-to-day process and provide feedback on how they think that these problems can be solved.  

A platform built to be customised by you

The Incentivesmart platform was created to fit your business like a glove. We want to work with you to ensure that you reach your targets and enable a happy and productive workforce within your organisation. For this reason, the platform offers the flexibility to customise the look and feel of the dashboard and align your values and your brand identity with our software. 

You choose the features and tools that you'd like to incorporate into your reward scheme, and a dedicated account manager can handle the finer details of your platform if you'd like to outsource that to us. Alternatively, the platform is designed to be intuitive and easy to manage for clients who would prefer to do so in-house. 

If you're excited to transform your organisation's performance and encourage more productive and collaborative behaviour from your employees, we invite you to book a free demo with us today.  This can be done remotely with one of our experts talking you through all the features of the platform and answering your questions at length.

To help you get the right information for your particular business and ensure you walk away with a good understanding of what Incentivesmart can do for your organisation, you can download a comprehensive list of suggested questions here

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