Boosting employee engagement through Gamification. A checklist

Boosting employee engagement through Gamification. A checklist

June 4th 2019 - employee motivation, employee engagement, engagement
The second of our two-part series that highlights how gamification can be an opportunity for boosting employee engagement. Jen Norton shares with us a check-list to support your employee engagement journey.
  1. Be SMART about your goals Be crystal clear on what you want to achieve and why, then work backwards to identify the specific steps required to achieve that desired outcome.

    Understand employee needs What are you expecting your team to achieve when engaging in the platform? What actions are required to achieve the rewards? Be smart by joining the dots in a way that achieves specific business objectives and goals.

    Design the solution around the user experience Consider this: How will this platform interface within your team’s workflow? What other tools should be integrated? And – can you ensure it will be implemented as desired?

    Make it fun Try to involve your team throughout the process, use a small focus group to help brainstorm ideas, beta test and don’t forget to advocate for the platform when it’s rolled-out. Consider items like leader boards and commensurate rewards where teams are competitive, as well as numerous other options to galvanise your team. Creating gamification strategies that appeal directly to the specifics of your company and workforce will inspire them throughout their workday.

    Find an experienced development team When done right gamification can boost employee productivity and morale. Intentionally inserting some fun into some of those mundane or repetitive tasks can add stimulation and help to encourage specific actions, however, listening to your employees throughout is crucial. Once you have clarity around what drives your employees, you can then create the right rewards systems that will motivate them and increase their productivity.

    Be clear what goals and objectives you plan to achieve Listen and understand your teams’ unique needs. What motivates them? Design your gamification program around those unique skills, focuses and desires.

    Be certain to communicate the purpose of these activities to your team and make sure you test them. Keep track of what works and what doesn’t and adjust your plans to benefit from that information. Measure employees’ responses across your internal communications efforts. Are they responding?

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