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Top Rewards Programmes for Customers

As companies vye for customer attention, it’s fascinating to see that over 80% of businesses have already turned to customer rewards programmes to put their brand one step ahead of the pack. But what makes these programmes such a game-changer?

Well, customer rewards programmes are more than just a way to boost sales in the short-term; they’re a powerful tool for building lasting relationships. After all, every successful brand depends on a loyal customer base that keeps coming back for more. The benefits are clear: loyal customers not only spend more but also become enthusiastic brand ambassadors who help spread the word.

In fact, research shows that…

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A staggering 81% of consumers are more likely to stick with a brand that offers a great loyalty programme. 

And it doesn’t stop there. 

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64% of shoppers say that these programmes influence their buying decisions, guiding where and how they choose to spend their money.


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But why are customer rewards programmes so effective?  

The answer lies in their ability to create a sense of belonging and recognition that keeps customers engaged

From points-based rewards to exclusive perks and personalised experiences, these programmes ensure customers feel valued and appreciated in a variety of ways.

So if you’re looking for a little inspiration for your own customer rewards programme, here are some great examples of programmes running with leading brands.



1-1  IKEA Family

Membership in the IKEA Family programme is free of charge and offers numerous advantages tailored to enhance the shopping experience at IKEA. These benefits include:


IKEA Family members are treated to exclusive discounts on products throughout the store, thus ensuring members’ home decor dreams become a reality without a hefty price tag. 

Exclusive member offers

Membership in the IKEA Family programme unlocks access to exclusive offers that are not available to the general public. Members receive early notifications about limited-time sales and special events, giving them a head start on incredible deals.

Complimentary coffee or tea

Whilst this may not be a deal-breaker, every visit to IKEA becomes a little more pleasant with a free cup of coffee or tea for IKEA Family members. By showing their membership card at the in-store café, members can enjoy a complimentary beverage. It’s a small but delightful perk that makes each visit to IKEA feel special.

Events and workshops

IKEA Family members are invited to participate in experiential activities ranging from home décor seminars and DIY classes to cooking demonstrations. Members can learn new skills, gather inspiration for their homes and connect with a community of like-minded individuals.

Exciting prizes

IKEA Family members have the opportunity to enter exclusive competitions and sweepstakes, where they can win all sorts of goodies. Whether it’s store gift cards or a complete home makeover, these contests offer fantastic rewards that add an extra layer of excitement. 


2  Tesco Clubcard

Tesco’s Clubcard delivers points on every purchase, which can be converted into rewards personalised to suit the individual.

Joining the programme is free and accessible through in-store sign-up, online via the Tesco website, or through the Tesco Clubcard app. Upon registration, members promptly receive their Clubcard, enabling them to begin earning points on purchases right away. 

Here’s why we love it…

Earn points in purchases

Tesco Clubcard members earn points every time they shop. Points accrue whether they're shopping at Tesco stores, online or buying fuel at partner retailers like Esso. This comprehensive earning capability ensures that members have easy access to accumulate points.

Convert points into vouchers

Clubcard points can be converted into versatile vouchers that offer a range of rewards. Vouchers enable members to enjoy discounts on future Tesco purchases, indulge in meals at participating restaurants, treat themselves to cinema tickets or even embark on travel experiences. 

Flexibility in redemption

Clubcard points offer flexible redemption options for convenience. Members can redeem their points in-store, online or via the Clubcard app. This accessibility ensures that members can use their points whenever and wherever they choose.


Clubcard holders benefit from exclusive discounts on items available both in-store and online. These discounts are curated to reflect members' shopping behaviors and preferences, providing personalised savings on products that matter most to them. This tailored approach enhances the value of Clubcard membership by offering meaningful savings on everyday essentials and indulgences alike.

Special offers

Tesco regularly introduces special promotions and bonus point opportunities exclusively for Clubcard members. These promotions may include earning double points on specific products or categories, receiving bonus points for reaching certain spending thresholds, or accessing limited-time offers that amplify the earning potential of Clubcard points. 


Bitish Airline

3  British Airways Executive Club

The British Airways Executive Club is a prestigious frequent flyer programme designed not only for BA but also extended to its partner airlines. 

It serves as a testament to British Airways' commitment to rewarding the loyalty of frequent travellers with a comprehensive range of exclusive benefits and privileges aimed at enhancing every aspect of their travel experiences.

Here are some of the benefits on offer:

Earn Avios points

Members of the Executive Club accumulate Avios points, the programme's currency, on flights operated by British Airways, its partner airlines and hotel stays and car rentals booked through British Airways. 

Avios points can be redeemed for flights to numerous destinations, upgrades to premium cabins, hotel accommodations, car rentals and experiences like spa treatments or wine tastings.

Elite member privileges

The Executive Club rewards its most frequent travellers with elite status, unlocking a host of exclusive privileges. 

Elite members enjoy priority check-in and boarding to expedite their travel experience. They also have access to luxurious airport lounges worldwide, where they can relax in comfort and enjoy complimentary amenities before their flight. 

Additional perks often include extra baggage allowance, priority baggage handling and the opportunity to earn bonus Avios points on qualifying purchases.


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4  Nandos Rewards

Nando'smay be best known for its succulent peri-peri chicken, but it also extends its commitment to customer satisfaction through a card-based loyalty programme, titled 'Nando's Rewards'. 

This programme is designed to enrich the dining experience with a host of exclusive benefits and rewards, which include:

Earn points with every purchase

At the heart of Nando's Rewards is the opportunity for members to earn points with every visit to Nando's restaurants. Points are typically accrued based on the total amount spent, incentivising frequent visits and allowing members to accumulate points that can be redeemed for exciting rewards.

Redeem those points

These points can be exchanged for a tempting treats, from their renowned peri-peri chicken dishes, to mouth-watering desserts and refreshing beverages, members have the freedom to personalise their dining experience with their favourite items from the menu.

Convenient management via mobile app

The Nando's app provides a convenient platform for members to track their points balance, view available rewards and stay updated on the latest news, promotions and new menu updates.




5  The North Face XPLR Pass

The North Face, renowned for its high-quality outdoor gear and apparel, distinguishes itself through its innovative XPLR Pass programme. Here are some of its key features and benefits:

Diverse earning opportunities

Participants earn points not only through purchases but also by attending exclusive events, checking in at designated locations or engaging with their mobile app. This multifaceted approach adds an experiential edge that resonates with outdoor enthusiasts.

Rewarding experiences (not just discounts)

Unlike typical rewards programmes that focus solely on discounts, The North Face XPLR Pass lets participants use their points for unforgettable experiences. Imagine redeeming points for a guided mountain climbing expedition in Nepal or a wilderness photography workshop in Patagonia! These rewards are designed to create lasting memories that go beyond the norm.

Personalised rewards

The programme is tailored to reflect members’ lifestyles and aspirations, whether they're a seasoned adventurer or someone exploring the outdoors for the first time. Rewards are crafted to enhance the connection with The North Face brand.


6  Barclaycard Rewards

Barclaycard Rewards is another loyalty programme where cardholders can earn points on their purchases. These points can be accumulated based on spending at various retailers and merchants that accept Barclaycard. 

The programme offers a straightforward earning structure, where a certain number of points are earned per pound spent. Then points can be redeemed for rewards such as:

  • Vouchers: Gift vouchers or e-gift cards from a wide range of retailers, allow cardholders to treat themselves.

  • Cashback: Points can often be converted into cashback, either as a credit on the cardholder's account statement or transferred into their bank account, providing a direct financial benefit when times are tight.

  • Travel Rewards: Some Barclaycard Rewards members choose to redeem points for travel-related benefits, such as airline tickets, hotel stays or car rentals.

  • Merchandise: Depending on the specific programme, points might be redeemable for a selection of merchandise items ranging from electronics and gadgets to household goods and more.



british gas

7  British Gas Rewards

British Gas Rewards operates on a system where customers earn points primarily through their energy usage and engagement with additional British Gas services. Points accumulation is tied directly to the amount of energy consumed, typically measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh), during each billing cycle. This means that the more energy a customer uses, the more points they can potentially earn. 

Here’s how it works:

Earning points

  • Energy usage: Points accrue based on the amount of gas and electricity consumed by the customer. 

  • Additional Services: Beyond energy consumption, customers can earn points by opting for supplementary services offered by British Gas. This may include boiler servicing, smart home installations, insurance products, etc. With each service subscribed to, a set number of points is earned.

  • Promotional Offers: British Gas periodically introduces promotions that allow customers to earn bonus points for specific actions. These can include signing up for paperless billing, referring new customers or participating in seasonal campaigns.

Redeeming rewards

Points can be redeemed for rewards such as…

  • Discounts on energy bills: The primary benefit of British Gas Rewards is the ability to redeem points for discounts on future energy bills. Customers can choose to apply their accumulated points towards reducing the cost of their next bill, providing direct financial savings.

  • Partner Rewards: British Gas collaborates with a diverse range of partners across retail, dining, travel and more. Points can often be exchanged for vouchers or discounts at these partners, offering customers flexibility in how they use their rewards.


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Kickstart a winning customer rewards programme

As you embark on the journey of launching your own customer loyalty programme, remember that it's all about fostering lasting connections with your customers. By keeping the programme simple, effectively communicating its benefits and continuously monitoring its performance, you'll lay a solid foundation for long-term success. 

Building loyalty takes dedication and patience, but the rewards—like increased customer retention, advocacy and a thriving business—are well worth the effort! So, take inspiration from the rewards programmes above to create your own successful strategy, but be sure to apply your own unique twist. 


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