Meet the Incentivesmart pets!

Meet the Incentivesmart pets!

April 15th 2021 -

They may wake you up early. They may cry when they’re hungry. They may even be a bit naughty sometimes. But we wouldn’t have them any other way! And no, we’re not talking about the kids! We’re talking about our beloved pets!

As it’s National Pet Month, we thought we’d introduce you to the Incentivesmart pets.

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Name: Tetley – the original Incentivesmart dog who came to the office every day!

Age: sadly no longer with us.

Favourite phrase / sound: walkies!

Favourite treat: licking your plate after it had gravy on it.

Most happy when: being left to snooze in a sunny spot.


Name: Rosie

Age: 13.5 year old who sadly left us just 2 months ago.

Favourite phrase / sound: never understood 'walk' but whenever the cheese packet or a banana was opened she was straight out of bed!

Favourite treat: roast chicken, bananas, and her peanut butter flavoured dog chocolate

Most happy when: snoring in her bed or following her friend, Amelia, around.


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Name: Beamo.

Age: 7 years old.

Favourite phrase / sound: his food shaking in the packet.

Favourite treat: dreamies.

Most happy when: laying in the sun. 



Name: Luna.

Age: 13 months old.

Favourite phrase / sound: other cats meowing on YouTube.

Favourite treat: chicken yoghurt.

Most happy when: having a nap or playing with flippity fish.


Name: Murdock.

Age: 10 years old.

Favourite phrase / sound: where’s your tennis ball!

Favourite treat: anything - he’s a lab.

Most happy when: out walking in the woods or swimming.

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Name: Jenson.

Age: 20 months old.

Favourite phrase / sound: dinner time!

Favourite treat: a big cardboard box to shred

Most happy when: doing anything other than what we tell him to, or being chased with a shoe in his mouth.

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Name: Pumpkin.

Age: 15 months old.

Favourite phrase / sound: the dreamies packet being shaken.

Favourite treat: dreamies .

Most happy when: sleeping in a bag!



Name: Bilbo.

Age: 2 years old.

Favourite phrase / sound: the front door opening as it means visitors and is so nosy!

Favourite treat: chicken liver flavoured cat yoghurt

Most happy when: when in a tree (well he is a Siberian Forest Cat after all!)


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Name: Hector & Butler.

Age: 7 years old.

Favourite phrase / sound: walkies!

Favourite treat: sausages for dogs!

Most happy when: running around the fields.


National Pet Month (NPM) celebrates and raises awareness of responsible pet ownership through educational campaigns and resources across our various platforms. NPM celebrates pet ownership, sharing the many benefits of our cherished companions across the UK. Find out more here > > >


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