Meet The Team: Tim

Meet The Team: Tim

July 5th 2017 - meet the team, Incentivesmarties
Who are you and what do you do at incentivesmart?

I’m Tim Harris and am the Senior Front-end Developer here at incentivesmart. I originally did a degree in Multimedia Design and have 18 years experience in web-related technologies.

I’m currently working on some interactive websites for various promotions and designing up engaging email flyers.

What have you worked on recently that you’re really proud of?

I’ve recently designed up a Statistics Dashboard for incentivesmart HQ that displays on TV screens throughout the building. This shows how many people are on the system today and what sort of things people are redeeming with their points.

It’s good to see what our customers are up to and gives a sense of what’s happening at a glance. Everybody loves some random stats!

What’s the best thing about working for incentivesmart?

Obviously the team is great to work with, and the office building itself is in an ideal setting, being in the countryside with some great skyline views.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

After five year’s I hope to have built some new exciting websites with more upcoming technology that isn’t even out yet.

Things are moving so fast it’s exciting to have things change to keep things fresh.

What’s your favourite way to spend the weekend?

I’m a big film fan, so like to fit a few films in at home when I can, but like to venture out for a drink or three whether it be locally, or to a comedy night or a day out in London trying a new food place.

What’s your mantra?

Try everything twice.

I’m a great believer in trying out new things, and always think you shouldn’t rule anything out until you’ve given it a second chance.

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