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Meet the Team - Tim Harris

Tim Harris joined the Incentivesmart team back in November 2016 as a Senior Front-End Developer.

A lover of beer, film fanatic and quite possibly the most chilled out person you’ll ever meet, let’s get to get to know Tim…

Hi Tim! So tell us a bit about your work background and experience.

After a year's art foundation course doing all sorts of weird and wonderful arty stuff, I went to university in Leicester to do a degree in Multimedia Design which got me into animation and web design. Since then I've worked for various design companies, building websites and getting involved in all sorts of interesting projects. I love working within a team and the variety of clients and promotions keeps each day a refreshing challenge.


What's your favourite thing about Incentivesmart?

The people and the beer fridge. Probably in that order.


Tell us a bit about life at home.


I live in the historic town of Ampthill (or so the sign says). I like the variety of either walking to the local pubs and restaurants, or jumping on a train to London.

I've always been a bit of a film fanatic! I like films of every kind whether it's a bizarre Korean film or a British indie flick no one's heard of. Since lockdown, I'm starting to think I've seen everything now. I also love travelling to new places and going to comedy nights and do the odd bit of snowboarding if I need to do something healthy.


Time for some quick fire questions... Favourite biscuit?

Crunch Cream, but not sure there is a bad biscuit?


Go-to karaoke song?

Go to the bar instead, wait until the end of the night then pick any song that everyone sings along to. Then you can mime.


Ideal Friday night?

Probably a stand-up comedy night with some beers involved and side order of junk food.


Cat or dog?

Dogs but don't mind the odd cat if they can be bothered to interact.


Favourite emoji?

I like the burger one. Straight to the point


Tea or coffee?

Coffee. Quicker than all that dunking business


Favourite quote?

Never, ever, bloody anything, ever. - Rik Mayall


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