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Let's Plant 100k Trees!

ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND – That’s how many trees we're planning to plant! That’s a lot of trees, right? It’s also a lot or carbon that we can offset! To put it into perspective, it’s the equivalent of 80,619,000 miles in a medium-sized petrol car! That's 8,061,900 miles each for 1 million people!

But why?

Our aim is to create rewarding relationships, and one of the most important relationships that we all share is with our planet. Reducing our carbon footprint is something we all have to focus on. Choose organic foods, eat less meat, reduce food waste, use reusable shopping bags and drive less. Just to name but a few ways. But how can we offset the remaining carbon?

This is where our tree planting project comes into play! Every tree planted, is a tree that:

  • Absorbs carbon from the atmosphere
  • Provides farms with work to support the local economy
  • Gives someone an income and a skill to feed their family
  • Protects animals from deforestation
  • Increases rainfall, purifies water and improves crop yield


So, how are we getting started?

We've already planted over 10,000 trees! This includes 500 trees to offset the carbon of our team travelling to and from the office for two years. This is the equivalent to 165 tonnes of carbon or 403,095 miles in a standard car! 

But there's still a lot more trees that need planting…

Our clients can help!

We are giving our clients the opportunity to not only help us reach out target, but also offset some of their own carbon. By planting trees on their behalf, our clients can work toward running a carbon neutral reward and recognition programme. They can opt in to have one tree planted for every 50 orders placed, as well as planting a tree per active user on their programme. Additionally, individuals who use the reward and recognition programmes can use their points to plant a tree.

Read more about our other giving back initiatives here.

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