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Using claims data to unveil market intelligence and new opportunities

Deb has been a world leader in occupational skin care and hand hygiene for over 80 years. In 2015, they were acquired by SC Johnson Professional®. Together they deliver outstanding products and services which respect the environment, create efficiencies, reduce inventories, simplify training, and create a positive user experience.

DEB - new range-kidsSummary: Deb Skincare used the data from their Incentivesmart customer loyalty programme to learn more about the end consumer. As part of the point claiming process, their distributors were asked to provide details of who they sold their product to. The data showed that the products were hugely popular in schools, enabling Deb to innovate their product in to the children's market.


The objective: As part of their drive to lead the fight against occupational skin disorders and the spread of infections, Deb was keen to remain a prominent market player, so wanted to reward their distribution network for their loyalty, which in turn, would increase sales.

Deb knew that pallets of products were continuously leaving the plant destined for distributors across the UK. This kept productivity levels high and the warehouse in demand 24/7. However, they didn’t have the data to show who the end-user was, and therefore innovating products for an unknown market was a challenge. Therefore, they needed a solution that would enable them to understand more about the end-user. 

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The solution: Incentivesmart created a bespoke programme whereby distributors earned reward points for sales. As part of the claim validation process, the distributors were asked to provide details of each end-user they sold the product to, not only to validate the claim but to also enable Deb to better understand their market.

When Incentivesmart investigated the data and provided analysis of sales performance, it became apparent that Deb products were highly popular in schools - something Deb had not previously been aware of before. This insight empowered Deb to create a bespoke product range to appeal specifically to children. This product line was hugely popular and is still very much in production and variations of packaging have subsequently been created, making this a highly lucrative and profitable sales channel for Deb.2015top2-14


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