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Channel Partner Programmes

Improve sales through channel partners, with an online loyalty, education and incentive programme.



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Build Partner Loyalty and Boost Their Spend

If you sell through channel partners, you need your brand to be the first that springs to mind when they speak to customers.

With a channel partner programme, you can ensure your products are placed front and centre, every time.

Upsell bundles, warranties, insurance and product bolt-ons

Run short-term tactical SPIFFs to quickly boost sales

Engage partners using comps and leaderboards

Incentivise repeat orders with tiered loyalty bands

Your Partners Have More To Give

Channel partners offer a sure-fire way to expand your market reach - but only if they have the knowledge, support and motivation to sell your services above others.

With so much choice available, a highly impactful channel partner programme can tip the scales in your favour.


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Points-Based Sales Incentives

Award points for product sales, bolt-ons ordered, training undertaken, referrals or any other behaviour you’d like to see.

Combine long-term incentives with short-term sales drives to keep up momentum.

Channel sales incentive programmes

Rebates and

Manage partner rebates and commissions within the same portal as you run tactical incentives and promotions.

With our easy integrations and API, you can sync partner claims and sales data automatically.

“We have found partners using our programme spend, on average, twice as much as those who are not, and are much, much easier to retain.”

QA Flooring, Marketing Manager


Tiered Partner Loyalty Rewards

Coax partners up the loyalty ladder with tiered rewards that encourage repeat spend and drive a higher  LTV. Configure tiers however you wish.


Product Knowledge

Deliver online training and incentivise participation, to ensure partners and their employees are confident to sell your product.


A Huge Partner Rewards Catalogue

Our extensive global rewards catalogue will keep your partners coming back for more.

There’s an inspiring reward for everyone, which can be set as a goal to strive toward. 

We’ll even prompt them as they inch closer to reaching their desired reward, spurring them into action!

Understand and Enthuse Channel Partners

Know what makes your partners tick… and keep telling them all about it!

We’ll provide all the analytics you need to understand your partners and what drives them. Then our automated and responsive communications will keep your programme top of mind.


Prompt partners to cash in their rewards and tease them with achievable goals, without lifting a finger.

Drip-feed email and SMS communications at particular points in the life cycle of your channel partners, to maximise engagement.

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Get to know your partners on a whole new level, with marketing-leading insight.

See engagement with your programme, what’s sparking interest, what’s falling flat and importantly, how sales are improving month on month.

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See our channel partner programmes in action

Get a feel for how Incentivesmart channel partner programmes work right now, by watching our 3-min demo video.

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