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Increase Customer Loyalty

Incentivesmart’s B2B engagement programmes strengthen relationships with your customers, whether you are looking to acquire or retain customers, get referrals or just get them talking about your brand.

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Create rewarding relationships with a B2B customer loyalty programme

Too many companies focus all of their sales and marketing effort on new business whilst neglecting existing customers. But did you know it can cost five times more acquiring a customer than retaining an existing one. Building long-term loyalty is where the real money is, and the research proves it trumps short-term manipulations such as flash sales, seasonal discounts and rebates. 

Understanding your customers’ expectations and recognising them when they display the desired behaviours through a well-crafted points-based B2B rewards programme, provides a positive end result for all. The marriage of loyalty software with the expert Incentivesmart team help you to achieve true value for your customers, channels and distribution partners.

Increase sales and profitability

There’s no getting away from it, your bottom line is a business priority, and most efforts around building your brand and connecting with customers boil down to increasing your revenue and profitability.

Too many companies rely on discounts and short-term promotions that significantly dent profit margins, damage perceived value of your product or service, and worst still, become expected.

There is a better way...

Incentivesmart can help:
  • Retain existing customers

    It costs 20x more to attract a new client than to retain an existing one, so reward and recognise them for their loyalty, get to know them, and tailor your relationship with each key customer. 

  • Grow & protect share of wallet

    Encourage your customers to keep buying from you, even when your competitors are running tantalising promotions. Drive recency, frequency and value of your customer transactions.

  • Offer more reward choice

    Research proves that experiences and tangible rewards make a much longer lasting and deeper impression than cash or rebates. Allow your customer to choose rewards that are meaningful to them. 

  • Create communication opportunities

    Strengthen connections with your customers with direct and personalised communications.

  • Attract new customers

    Start to build rewarding relationships with your prospects before they have even made their first transaction; They will be more likely to take that first step, spend more, order again and refer you to others.

  • Encourage customer referrals

    Get your customers to do more selling for you by referring their friends and rewarding them for it.

  • Protect your margins

    Discounts, rebates and other short-term manipulations create mercenary customers and hurt your margins. Escape the trap of relying on discounts and keep customers loyal in the long term.

  • Build and understand customer data

    Data is a critical tool in any companies mission to understand their customers buying behaviours, preferences, feedback and more. Ultimately understanding your customers thoroughly will lead to more profitable relationships. 

Engage your audience

Create a place where your customers have a reason to be, and you’ll have captured their valuable attention to better connect with your brand, and turn them into true advocates. Leverage the attention they give you and use the opportunity to demonstrate your values, educate them on your product, or cross-sell and up-sell.

We can help:
  • Increase product knowledge

    Educate your distribution network for better sales enablement and align them to your values. Give them all the tools and information they need to sell your brand on to others.

  • Create brand advocates

    When customers understand and truly connect with your brand and your values, they’ll pass this enthusiasm on to friends, colleagues, and their own customers, creating brand advocacy.

  • Speed to market with campaigns

    With a highly engaged audience, you can see improved email open rates and an immediate reaction to product launches or campaigns.

  • Raise brand awareness

    Use the platform to consistently promote and demonstrate your brand values so your sales channels and customers can become more familiar with them.

  • Understand your customers better

    Track performance, gather more useful data, and have direct contact with the people buying into your brand.

  • Instantly respond to competitor promotions

    React quickly to competitor promotions with your own response, either demonstrating the value of your offering or responding with your own tactical promotion.

The reward and recognition platform everyone will love.

Our B2B customer loyalty platform has the tools, integrations and features you need to grow your business.

Points rewards
Points-based rewards

Incentivise sales and reward loyalty with points which can be redeemed on our specially curated rewards catalogue of aspirational and inspirational gifts and experiences.

Brand Alignment
Aligned with your brand

Our platform can be fully white labelled so your programme will fit beautifully with your brand or create a unique brand for your programme. The choice is yours!

Education and communications
Communication & education hub

Have two way conversations with your customers to educate them on your mission, products and brands. Share news articles, quizzes, promotions and host sales materials and product information in one centralised hub.

Reporting & Analytics
Robust reporting

Learn more about your customers and keep track of their engagement with your business. Our industry leading reporting offers real-time transparent data on everything that is happening on your loyalty programme. 

API & connectivity

Connect your existing crm, erp, sales and ordering systems to the Incentivesmart platform and create automated processes whilst reducing admin.

Don't just take our word for it...


NCL use Incentivesmart to drive sales and agent engagement following the devastating impacts of Covid on the travel industry.

Norwegian Cruise Line

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"We have used Incentivesmart for over 12 years to grow our independent sales channel, with regular feedback that the service and offering they provide is market leading."

Category Manager, Miele GB

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"Every touch point we have experienced with you has been outstanding. Incentivesmart have met all expectations and demands and we would like to thank you for supporting and understanding our business over the last few years."

Head of Sales Operations, Kärcher

Frequently asked questions

We're here to help you get the most out of your customer or channel loyalty programme.

Should your sales incentive programme be based on cash or non-cash rewards?

Giving your customers and channels a financial incentive may seem like the obvious and most simple reward choice, but it’s not. Not only is it non-personal and not memorable, but it also incurs tax costs.
Offering your team a wide range of rewards from the latest tech, jewellery, home appliances, books and even luxury holidays, means there's something suitable and inspirational for everyone. You can also allocate your budget more effectively as you'll only spend money when a reward is redeemed, not when the points are allocated.

How do you measure B2B loyalty?

If you're launching a B2B customer loyalty programme, you'll want to measure the success of it.

There are many KPIs for you to measure and report on your B2B customer loyalty, including:

  • Customer effort score
  • Customer churn
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customer engagement
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Repeat purchase probability
  • Time between purchases.

Find out more about each of these metrics and how they measure B2B loyalty.

Do you have any examples of a customer loyalty programme?

Of course, we'd love to show you an example of a B2B customer loyalty programme! Book a demo and we'll show you the ins and outs.

You can also check out our top 10 best loyalty programme examples.

How do I get started with creating a B2B rewards programme?

With years of experience, our friendly team are here to help you get started. Even if it's just a bit of advice before you make your final decision.

Get in touch with us today.

If you do decide that Incentivesmart is your partner of choice, we won't just leave you to it. We offer a wide range of services, as well as a dedicated Client Success Manager, to help you achieve your desired results. 


Why shouldn't I just offer discounts or rebates?

There’s no denying that discounting your price could provide you with a quick win and occasionally improve overall sales. Discounting may boost sales and attract new customers in the short-term too, but what about in the long-term? Are these customers really loyal or are they mercenary customers, who will run to your competitor for the next discount? From a strategic perspective, discounting can have a seriously negative impact on your product or service, your perceived quality and your profitability. Read more in our article on the dangers of discounting.


Does the Bribery Act apply to my incentives?

Since the Bribery Act 2010 came into law in July 2011, there has been a large amount of fear and uncertainty that sales incentives, promotions and reward programmes could fall foul of it. Sensationalist headlines in the tabloids at the time were making spurious claims such as tips for the postman could land them in prison. Under Section 2 of the Act it is an offence if a person requests, agrees to receive, or accepts an advantage, financial or otherwise, with the intention that they or someone else perform a relevant function or activity improperly. Legitimate loyalty strategies are commercially justifiable and do not fall foul of the rules provided you follow some very simple and straightforward guidance. Read more in our article on the Bribery Act and Incentives.

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