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Customer Loyalty Software That’s Unmatched

The loyalty tech you need to build an unbreakable bond with your B2B customers.

Customer loyalty software overview

Loyalty software built specifically for B2B customers

Encourage your customers to spend more, more often. Then watch as they spur on their colleagues to do the same.

With our award winning customer loyalty platform, you can reward, track and motivate customers throughout their lifecycle.

“The Incentivesmart loyalty platform allows us to build incremental sales as well as maximise the spend we receive from existing customers.

Our customers feel valued knowing they can earn rewards for their loyalty to us.”

Leading Automotive Parts Distributor

Create fiercely loyal advocates of your brand

Loyalty software providers often leave you to stumble by on your own. But not Incentivesmart. 

We couple our innovative software with a team of Incentivesmarties ready to leap to your aid. So you can extract maximum value from our award-winning tool.


Points-based loyalty

Award points for sales, referrals, digital engagement, social posting…

…or any other behaviour you need to see!

Customers collect points in their account and redeem when ready against a huge range of exciting rewards.

Define points criteria however you wish. Run tactical promotions and the platform will prompt users to cash in their rewards so they never miss a chance to redeem their points.


Think you know your customer? Think again.

Incentivesmart’s loyalty software will provide a whole new perspective.

Shine a light on spend frequency, basket value, drop-off points, preferred rewards, re-engagement opportunities and much more.

Then harness this transactional and behavioural data to inform your wider strategy.


Loyalty Tiers

Set the architecture of the platform up however you wish and make adjustments on the fly.

Build as many tiers as you need to have customers work their way up the ladder.

Configure customers under different brands, regions, teams, leagues, rebate or discount amounts and more.


Keep customers coming back for more with drip-fed email and SMS communications that deliver the right message, at the right time.

Automatically prompt users to spend their rewards, tease them that their goal is in sight, issue reminders, all without lifting a finger. 

Then layer additional communications on top to promote special events, new product features and limited-time deals, with the expert help of our Incentivesmarties.


We’ll help you integrate our loyalty software within your existing tech stack.

Our API plays nicely with other systems, so you can streamline your workflow.

Integrate your own proprietary systems, or third party applications, such as CRM systems, email campaign platforms, data analysis tools, surveys and more. 

“We have found customers currently using our loyalty software spend, on average, twice as much as those who are not, and are much, much easier to retain."”

QA Flooring, Marketing Manager

System capabilities
that will
blow you away

Pick and choose the modules you need and find system configuration that’s a perfect fit for your business. Then watch as retention, cross-sell, average order values and brand affection skyrocket.

Scheme Architecture

  • Multi-Level Hierarchy
    Configure to report on areas, regions, brands and departments separately.
  • Tiers
    Users can unlock additional perks, access to exclusive events and additional earning potential when they move up through the tiers.

  • Teams
    Link users together by organisational chart or project/task group enabling points earning as a team.

  • Multiple countries & languages
    Make your programme accessible to users across multiple countries in different languages.

Points and Data

  • Points Allocation
    Award points to users in bulk via csv upload or indovidually via their profile.

  • Points and Sales Data Transfer
    Calculate the points allocation and sales performance. Data transferred securely via SFTP.

  • Points Expiry
    Automatically expire unspent points at 12/24 months. Users receive a minimum of 4 notification emails ahead of expiry.

  • Transaction Sources
    Set a pre-defined list of reasons for allocating points to aid data analysis and reporting.

  • Registration Bonus
    Automatically award a one-off points allocation for first activity, then set additional bonuses for various objectives met.

  • Points Approval
    Ensure certain types or value of transaction require another level of approval before the points are awarded.

  • Sales Targets
    Set multiple sales targets per user. Give back a percentage of either the target, their spend/sales or use a progressive target.

Customisable Visuals

  • Themes
    Customise the system visual theme to match your brand guidelines.

  • Homepage Tiles and Banners
    Highlight key areas of the programme that suit your requirements. Use off-the-shelf options or create your own.
  • Promotions (Ways to Earn)
    Highlight ways to earn points and sowcase current promotions.

  • News
    Communicate key messages & updates. Allocate points for readership and engaging with content.

  • Custom Pages
    Additional customised pages can be included to showcase useful information.


  • Add Your Own Rewards
    Customise the rewards catalogue to incorporate your own rewards.

  • Reward Concierge
    Our concierge service for high earners offers users the ability to spend their points on a reward that might not be featured in the rewards catalogue.


Engagement Drivers

  • Ideas
    Collect ideas & feedback and award points as thanks at your discretion.

  • Quizzes
    Run multiple choice quizzes. Award points for participation or achieving a certain score, or inspire with prize draws.

  • Mailchimp
    Integrated with MailChimp enabling admin users to see the open and click rates of content set to your integrated mailing list.

  • Weekly Digest (stakeholder summary)
    Receive a weekly update on the key stats of the programme.

  • Events Calendar
    Run events & training courses. Users book online for themselves and/or their team. Award points for attendance at your discretion.

  • Prizes
    Enable users a chance to win a points prize or a physical prize when they login during the promotional period.


  • Automatically triggered emails
    Create customised emails triggered by either actions on the platform or to prompt the user to engage.

  • Launch communications
    Launch bundles included to drive initial interest in your new programme.

  • eFlyers
    Issue ad hoc or monthly eflyers to highlight seasonal rewards, new products or services.

Reporting and Analytics

  • Dashboard
    Get a snapshot overview of programme performance. Track engagement and transactions, then compare over time.

  • Daily Stats
    Enjoy access to daily stats detailing logins, registrations, credits, debits and orders placed.

  • Downloadable Reports
    Download all reports into Excel (csv) for reporting internally
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