Improve Employee Engagement

Drive profits & performance

The positive impact of engaged employees


Engaged employees are those who go the extra mile to deliver, provide better experiences for customers, approach their jobs with energy, creativity and deliver better service.

They remain with their employers for longer and they deliver an enormous payoff to the business by creating passionate customers who buy more, stay longer and tell their friends.

They do this because they like or love their job or the business they work for!


Improve business performance


Increase Profit


Improve Productivity


Boost Advocacy


Reduce Absenteeism


Improve Retention


Decrease Accidents


Supercharge Innovation

An engaged employee understands the company’s objectives and how their role contributes and impacts on the company’s success, and they genuinely want the company to succeed.

Consolidate all of your your performance, reward and recognition initiatives into one aligned platform.

Long service awards

Sales incentives

Health & safety awards

Suggestion schemes

Referral programmes

Ad hoc rewards

Learning & development

Achieving goals

Team building rewards

Social recognition

Peer-to-peer nominations

Incentivesmart is a leading reward and recognition platform Headquartered in the UK. We help businesses of all sizes to achieve their goals by changing behaviour of their employees, customers and channel partners.

Improve internal communication

Improve internal communication

Communication is an important aspect of employee engagement. The two most important drivers of employee engagement identified by CIPD research into engagement levels are; having opportunities to give feedback and; feeling well-informed about what is happening in the organisation. These, in turn, promote better performance, employee retention and positive emotions towards work.

Get valuable feedback and ideas

Get valuable feedback and ideas

Encouraging ideas and suggestions from your employees can be an invaluable resource for your business. Two-way communications and feedback mechanisms within your business allow all employees to feel listened to and valued, but also unlock some genuinely great ideas that otherwise go untold. Towers Watson research shows that employee involvement, sharing information and getting feedback directly relates to a 2.2% increase in shareholder value.

Improve your “thank you”

Improve your “thank you”

incentivesmart helps you to say thank you to your employees in style and takes the guess work out of any rewards that you gift them. The huge reward choice available ensures that there is a reward to suit every taste and protects you from the damage caused by giving an inappropriate reward.


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