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Employee rewards & recognition programmes

An employee rewards and recognition programme is a superb way to show your appreciaton for a job well done, celebrate successes and create WOW moments in your organisation.

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Inspire your workforce to excel with reward and recognition

Employees who are engaged in their work are more productive, motivated, loyal and determined to see the business succeed.

But how can you encourage your team to strive for more? How can you create the environment that motivates your staff to perform at the highest level?

The answer is complex, and there are many factors but Incentivesmart helps you deliver one of the biggest parts of the puzzle... an effective employee reward and recognition strategy.

Traditional blanket ‘benefits’ can actually demotivate top performers, as they see underperforming employees being rewarded too, regardless of performance . 

We concentrate on rewarding outstanding performance; recognising those behaviours that have tangible benefits for your business.  Whether that's for smashing sales or service targets, innovating, saving costs, providing referrals, going the extra mile on a project or being nominated by an appreciative colleague. 

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Building aligned and motivated dream teams

Teams of buzzing employees who love their job and shout about your business from the rooftops...

What more could you want?

Consolidate all of your performance-based employee reward and recognition initiatives into one aligned platform to create a workplace for your team where they can truly thrive.

  • Increase employee engagement

    Create a culture of high performing, motivated and engaged employees who want the business to flourish.

  • Drive performance

    Recognise the specific behaviours you want to see more of with a points-based reward platform.

  • Embed your values

    Encourage employees to demonstrate and look out for your values with peer-to-peer recognition.

  • Communicate more effectively

    Publish company news, product information, and gather valuable ideas and feedback.

  • Reduce churn and absenteeism

    If your team are happy, motivated and engaged there's less chance of them packing their bags and leaving their job.

  • Give your employees reward choice

    We all like different things so give your people a choice of aspirational rewards from an ever-growing catalogue.

Rewards employees will love. Recognition they'll cherish.

From customer care to finance, marketing to the warehouse team, our reward and recognition platform has the tools you need to get the best out of your people. 

Points-based rewards

Reward good behaviours with points which can be redeemed in our specially curated rewards catalogue of aspirational and inspirational gifts and experiences.

Benefits and HR hub

Keep all your important information in one place, such as employee handbooks, policy documents, and links to other benefits.

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Effective communication

Get your people involved by encouraging them to share ideas and feedback. Keep them updated with news articles and quizzes to test their knowledge.

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Robust reporting

Tap into the reporting tools to learn more about your employees and keep track of their engagement with your business.

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Aligned with your brand

White label your programme so it has the same look and feel as your core brand OR make it completely unique. The choice is yours!

Don't just take our word for it...

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Simply education saw a 36% reduction in employee turnover after implementing an employee engagement programme where the team were rewarded for their hard work and commitment. Their employee engagement and motivation levels had never been so high!

Simply Education

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Vodafone increased sales of 12,000 retail staff by sharing learning materials and rewarding their efforts. By seamlessly importing a daily secure HR data feed, Incentivesmart were able to manage users and allocate points for sales.

Vodafone UK

karcher bg

Incentivesmart have been outstanding and met all expectations and demands, for our more often than not bespoke requests and we would like to thank you for supporting and understanding our business over the last few years.

Head of Sales Operations, Kärcher UK

Frequently asked questions

We're here to help you get the most out of your reward and recognition programme!

Are points-based reward programmes effective?

Points-based programmes are proven to be extremely effective in driving preferred behaviours.

Earning points that can be spent in an extensive reward catalogue is more motivating than being offered cold cash. Individuals can set their reward goals and work towards earning and building their points. 

Additionally, earning points creates healthy competition. Our leader board feature enables users on the programme to see who's earning the most, motivating them to be the top performer.

What's the best way to reward my employees?

Giving your employees a financial incentive may seem like the obvious and most simple reward choice, but there is a plethora of academic and practical evidence that points to cash being far less effective when it comes to driving everyday behaviours. Not only is it impersonal and unimaginative, but it also less memorable and expensive.
Cash gets lost in the day to day and is rarely spent on a luxury, more likely paying off a credit card or the milk man. Offering rewards which are memorable form a stronger link between the reward and the behaviour that earned the initial recognition, thereby making it more likely that the behaviour will be repeated. 

Can I integrate my other systems with the reward and recognition programme?

Yes, you can integrate other business systems with our employee engagement programme. Get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements.

Can I see an example of an employee rewards programme?

Of course, we'd love to show you an example of an employee reward programme in action! Book a demo and we can show you an example, as well as the features and functionality of our platform.

What are the tax implications of incentive and reward programmes?

Rewarding employees for their commitment is an excellent way to boost satisfaction and productivity in the workplace. However, such rewards do attract income tax and National Insurance Contributions (NICs) as a Benefit in Kind (BIK). However, using Incentivesmart can give you significant costs savings and tax efficiencies. There are also some excellent government exemptions and schemes  that, if used correctly, can give excellent savings. 

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