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Performance-based reward system for employees

Improve the performance of your workforce with an employee reward system that captures hearts and minds.

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A system that rewards employees for preferred behaviours

Enhance the performance of your workforce, while boosting employee satisfaction.

Our acclaimed points-based employee reward system empowers you to incentivise desired behaviours.

Simply reward employees with points for their achievements. Whether it's delivering exceptional customer service, improving delivery times, demonstrating safe working, innovating in your field, reducing absenteeism, or showing unwavering loyalty through long service, the possibilities for recognition are boundless.

With personalised reward accounts, users can effortlessly log in and redeem their points for an extensive array of enticing rewards and benefits. 

By fostering social recognition, driving goal pursuit, and facilitating ongoing feedback, your teams will set personal bests in any field you incentivise.

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Customer success stories

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Group 5@2x

"Elementum sagittis vitae et leo duis ut diam. Tortor condimentum lacinia quis vel eros donec ac. In nulla posuere sollicitudin ultrices sagittis orci."

James Drinks - VP of Marketing

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Group 5@2x

"Elementum sagittis vitae et leo duis ut diam. Tortor condimentum lacinia quis vel eros donec ac. In nulla posuere sollicitudin ultrices sagittis orci."

James Drinks - VP of Marketing

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Call centre incentives

Award points for calls made and quality metrics. 

Customer care

Celebrate reviews and positive feedback gained.

Back-office support

Present awards for living company values.

Warehousing and distribution

Cut absenteeism and improve delivery accuracy

Health and safety awards

Recognise H&S milestones and best practice.

Ad hoc rewards

Celebrate Christmas and special occasions.

Global rewards that drive behaviour

The Incentivesmart reward catalogue is a curated treasure chest of inspiration; from the latest tech and digital gift cards, to wines, confectionery, experiences and travel. 

If you want to get the happy chemicals flowing you need to ensure rewards you give employees are relevant, appropriate and meaningful to the recipient.  Badly designed reward schemes can be counter productive so be careful not to assume you know what people want. 

We believe that by giving users ultimate choice in rewards, they will work harder for their chosen reward. Our rewards catalogue is packed full of exciting and aspirational rewards to ensure there's something for everyone.

The reward choice is never static, with daily updates, regular offers and seasonal promotions to keep the catalogue engaging and exciting. 

Your reward catalogue can be customised to feature your own rewards or a selection that suits your ethos, audience and budget.

Electronics & gifts

Food, drink & entertainment

Travel & experiences

Digital & physical gift cards

Fashion & retail

Health & wellness

Fulfilment services

Custom rewards & concierge

Meaningful Recognition

Continually communicate your mission, vision and values through recognition aligned to behaviours you want to encourage.

Give and receive personalised recognition in the form of badges, achievements, e-cards and peer-to-peer nominations.

Keep up to date on the optional Social Feed to celebrate successes, long service milestones, birthdays and more.

Targeted communication
& learning tools

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information hub
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Keep your team engaged with personalised notifications

Automated email notifications from the platform inform your employees when they have been awarded points, received nominations, achieved a goal and much more!

Learning materials & information

Keep an assortment of internal playbooks, SOPs, promotional materials, process and policy documents handy for users to access and download. 

High open rates & engagement

Improve your internal communications with higher open rates than traditional email channels.

Deploy surveys & gather feedback

Easily create quizzes or integrate your favourite survey tools. 

Boost performance

Visually track & reward employee performance using our modular tools.

Motivate your employees by setting real-world targets and generating reports on the performance of your teams using the Key Performance Indicators module.

Once activated, you can easily set a simple target and get started right away. You have the flexibility to measure success based on either monetary or quantitative values and define specific timeframes. It's as simple as that! Targets can be applied across groups or personalised for individual members.

Detailed reports allow you to quickly assess the progress of current targets. You can examine the performance of each employee either from this listing or through their own profile.


Robust reporting

Advanced reporting that gives in-depth insights into every aspect of your employee reward system.

With Incentivesmart's advanced MI suite, you have the power to measure every aspect, gain deeper insights into your employees, and quickly adapt to changing requirements. Immerse yourself in our sophisticated usage reporting, engagement scores, financial and tax reports, designed to track the success of your programme and ensure continuous improvement.

Intuitive dashboards
Financial & tax reporting
Detailed activity reports
Demographics & segmentation
Track budgets & cost centres
Custom reporting

API connectivity

Incentivesmart API plays nicely with other systems.

Integrate quickly and easily with your favourite applications to streamline your workflow. Our fully featured API is designed to allow you to integrate anything you want, from your own proprietary systems, or third party applications.

Choose from our range of preferred integration partners for print management, employee benefits, corporate merchandise, email communications, surveys and more. 

For Enterprise customers, our experienced integration team can integrate seamlessly with your bespoke processes and legacy systems.

More than just software...

You don’t have to do it alone. Our amazing client success teams are here to help you every step of the way, answer your questions, help you master employee engagement methodology, and make sure you’re getting the most out of your programme. 

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Frequently asked questions

Should my reward platform be managed or non-managed?

The choice is entirely up to you, and there are advantages to both. We find our most successful programmes are ones we are able to provide added value from our years of experience managing reward programmes.

Will I have complete control of my reward system?

Yes! The support team at Incentivesmart use exactly the same admin suite as our clients do, and we'll teach you how to use it to it's full potential. You'll have access to the same robust reporting and management suite as we do.

How will my reward platform help drive employee engagement?

What's rewarded gets repeated. The beauty of a points based reward system is you can incentivise any behaviour you want to see. That can be for a big thing like completing a training qualification, or a small thing like engaging with the company's social media. All these small awards are like nudges and they can add up to better performance for your business, from a more engaged employee who is working towards a more meaningful reward. 

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