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Our values & why they are critical to our mission

Our values are our DNA and we embed them in everything we do. They shape how we recruit, train and reward Incentivesmarties. They are who we are, and who we aspire to be. They shape our kick-ass team where no-one is a passenger; every person plays an integral part in the mission. Incentivesmarties are our biggest asset.

The values don't stop at our front-door either, they are a framework for how we treat our customers, partners and suppliers; in fact everyone we deal with.

So here they are, and crucially, what they mean to us:

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WOW EVERYONE! is our value about STANDARDS

At Incentivesmart, 'Wow Everyone' is not just a value; it is a commitment that inspires us to surpass expectations at every turn. We believe in maintaining an exceptionally high standard of quality and service, which compels us to innovate, collaborate, and consistently deliver extraordinary results.

This value pushes us to create experiences that are not merely satisfactory, but truly awe-inspiring. Our pursuit of excellence means we aim to go beyond the mundane and  create meaningful impact that doesn't just meet the needs of our customers and colleagues, but 'WOWs' them.

Regardless whether you are an Incentivesmarty, a customer, a supplier, or someone we know from yoga we aim for high standards, every time!! This underpins our relentless dedication to elevating standards within our industry and beyond.

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GIVE IT YOUR ALL! is our value about MOTIVATION

Our value, 'Give it Your All', embodies our commitment to fostering an environment of drive and steadfast dedication, not at work, but in every aspect of our lives.

We believe that the highest levels of motivation are achieved when our personal and professional lives are in balanced harmony. We encourage our team members to channel their passions, giving their best at work while also nurturing their interests and relationships outside of it.

This holistic approach to motivation fuels innovation, enhances productivity, and fosters resilience. By 'giving it our all', we continuously strive to meet our potential, while also ensuring the cultivation of well-rounded individuals who carry the energy, commitment, and inspiration we value at Incentivesmart into every facet of their lives.

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At the heart of our company lies the value 'Challenge Everything,' a guiding principle that reinforces our collective aspiration to push boundaries, question norms, and strive for continued improvement.

It is about not just accepting the status quo, but actively questioning and innovating to evolve. We believe in the power of constructive challenge, viewing it as a catalyst for growth and transformation, both on a personal level and as a business. Through this mindset, we provoke new ideas, foster creativity, and stimulate discussions that drive us to redefine what's possible.

By daring to 'challenge everything,' we open doors to uncharted territories, empowering us to grow as individuals, enrich our perspectives, and advance as a business that consistently leads in an ever-changing market landscape.

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'OWN IT!' is our value about RESPONSIBILITY

'Own It' stands as a crucial value in our culture, encapsulating our steadfast belief in taking full responsibility for our actions, decisions, and their outcomes. This means we hold ourselves accountable at all times, whether the result is a resounding success or a valuable learning opportunity.

Embodying 'Own It' is about acknowledging our role in shaping our destiny, and knowing that every decision, no matter how small, contributes to the larger picture. We encourage every team member to take the helm of their tasks and projects, fostering a culture of proactive initiative and self-governance.

'Own It' is more than just taking responsibility; it's about personal growth, cultivating trust, and leading by example. It is through this strong sense of ownership that we drive innovation, ensure quality, and build a resilient team.

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TOGETHER WE WIN & LOSE! is our value about TEAMWORK

Our company's value, 'Together We Win and Lose,' underlines our belief in the power of teamwork,  mutual respect, family values, and supporting one another.

We know that success is a collective effort, and we love to celebrate our wins. Yet, we also acknowledge that setbacks are an inevitable part of our journey so, during such times, this value comes to the forefront, reminding us to support and uplift one another, treating each challenge as a shared learning opportunity.

This value cements our commitment to an inclusive, collaborative environment where every triumph is celebrated together, every difficulty navigated as a team, and every loss turned into a collective lesson that steers us towards future successes.


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