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Our values & why they are critical to our mission

Our values are our DNA and we embed them in everything we do. They shape how we recruit, train and reward Incentivesmarties. They are who we are, and who we aspire to be. They shape our kick-ass team where no-one is a passenger; every person plays an integral part in the mission. Incentivesmarties are our biggest asset.

The values don't stop at our front-door either, they are a framework for how we treat our customers, partners and suppliers; in fact everyone we deal with.

So here they are, and crucially, what they mean to us:

a4889e62541ab5ab0e3ac42030042f98STANDARDS – WOW EVERYONE!

Always try to do what you say, when you say. Quality of work and attention to detail are important. Integrity and honesty are essential. We don't mind making mistakes, but we don't like repeating them.

d63284d64400441e469856b0c8b35378MOTIVATION – GIVE IT YOUR ALL!

Give it your all and enjoy yourself! You have to enjoy what you do or you'll do it badly. Have fun and do things you are proud of. Look after your body and mind. Learn obsessively and be positive.

40654ae89be43006c497bd3d56bf5491ASPIRATION – CHALLENGE EVERYTHING!

Aspire to be the best you can be. Amazing people don't like average goals so shoot for the stars. Never stop asking why? Challenge the status quo. Don't be afraid to go for it and fail, because when you lose, you win experience. Push the boundaries, share ideas and innovate.

744cb67a5bd24fe4be7ab9716b89b582RESPONSIBILITY - OWN IT!

Commit to your mission, no matter how small. Use good judgement. Respect everyone you deal with. Speak positively about the brand and your colleagues. Don’t avoid difficult conversations if they are needed.

6d72427552da21439ee42c63ed018424TEAMWORK - WIN & LOSE TOGETHER!

Share openly. Be transparent. Be humble. Demonstrate the culture and values. Take time to listen and understand each other. Be candid, but ALWAYS be compassionate and kind. Acknowledge the contributions of others. and as the old saying goes 'Don’t be a d!ck'.


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