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Challenge to Reach New Customers Leads to 400% Increase in Monthly Registrations

Many of our clients run regular promotions on their customer loyalty or employee engagement programmes to achieve specific objectives. This could be to increase sales of a particular product, generate awareness of a campaign or encourage more people to get signed up to the programme. We’re delighted to see huge success from a client's recent promotion and we'd love to share it with you!

The objective:

  • Increase awareness of their channel loyalty programme.
  • Drive registrations on their programme.
  • Encourage people to sell more of their brand and educate them on their offering.

The solution:

To achieve this, we worked with the client to create printed scratch cards which were handed out at an event and placed into physical and digital versions of an industry magazine. If 3 icons were matched on the card, the recipient revealed a winning code and registered on the programme to find out what exciting prize they had won!

Once signed up, they were able to earn points for selling that particular brand and redeem them in an online catalogue full of hundreds of exciting rewards. This approach enabled our client to reach and incentivise previously unknown customers, increasing the overall number of users on the programme by around 50%. As a result of this, the client now has a relationship with the individuals influencing the consumers' purchase decision, rather the just the company. This means they can communicate directly to educate them on their offering, and how they can be further be rewarded via the programme.

The results:

The promotion enabled the client to expand their reach with new people who weren't previously selling their brand and educate them on their offering. The client was also able to develop stronger relationships with those who had sold their brand before but weren't part of the programme by rewarding their loyalty. 

The hugely successful campaign resulted in a 400% increase in registrations in the first month of the promotion.*

*400% increase in registrations for month 1 of the promotion, compared with the last 6 months average monthly registrations.              

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