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The ABCC of Loyalty: Always Boost Customer Comms

There are lots of ways to make (and keep) someone happy. Little notes on Post-Its, fresh cut flowers, small favours, unexpected gifts…but, if you don’t know the person – if the sum total of your face-to-face interactions is a polite ‘Hello’ in the corridor every now and then – there’s only so far those kind gestures can take you.

Why? Because, unless that person really knows who you are and feels a genuine emotional connection with you, your efforts are just going to feel a little…well…try-hard.

Communication is everything. It’s the difference between a polite ‘Hello’ and a fulfilling, enriching, mutually beneficial relationship – a casual customer and lasting customer loyalty. So, before you start showering customers with perks, rewards, discounts, and exclusive sales, return to the fundamentals: the ABCs of building loyalty.

sales rep talking to customer

Talk to them how they want to be talked to

70% of buying experiences are based on how you make the customer feel – the strength of the customer experience.

Of course, the ideal customer experience is always changing. These days, B2C customers are looking for more authentic and more meaningful interactions with brands – and, as with any other major consumer trend, that emphasis carries through into the B2B world.

But don’t get too hung up on the data. It’s easy to whittle B2B decision-makers down to a few generic points, but it’s more important to focus on the more individualised ways you can communicate with customers.

Interactions on social media, a few key details remembered between one call and the next, emails targeted toward their buying habits…these are all examples of comms that customers can (and do) value. A well-structured customer loyalty programme will yield plenty of insights into your customers’ habits. All you need to do is put it all together.

sales team understanding customer needs

Give them what they want – when they want it

Too many businesses fall into the rhythm of only reaching out to customers when they have something specific to say, as and when it suits them. This is understandable; we’re all busy, and nonessential comms can easily slide down the To Do list.

But knowing what your customers want isn’t impossible, and it doesn’t need to represent the drain on your time that so many non-marketers assume it will.

Your sales team will already understand your customers on a more personable basis. Those little actions a good sales rep can do to remind a customer that they’re appreciated – not just another number – are key to boosting B2B communication and making it more meaningful.

But what about comms on a broader scale, like email? It all starts with good social listening and social monitoring; keeping your finger on the pulse when it comes to your customers. This is ongoing market research, and it will benefit more than just your direct comms with customers. It will give you the opportunity to spot warning signs, to act on positive feedback that may not have been given directly to the company, to identify relevant/trending topics that your customers want you to weigh in on through your comms, and to find new ways of boosting that emotional connection.

meaningful communication with customers

Make your comms meaningful to the next action you want them to take

Generic is so yesterday! The true value of communication comes down to what behaviour it generates, and, for that, you need to be clear.

Good marketing content contains a clear call to action (CTA) – something that tells your customers exactly what action you want them to take next. CTAs, when used right, can combat decision fatigue – they give every communication a purpose (and, often, one that directly benefits your customers, as well as your conversion rate).

Provided you’re combining those CTAs with comms that really hit upon what your customers want (and when), you can ensure every point of contact with customers is loaded with meaning, and doesn’t just feel like communication for the sake of communication.

It’s not a cheap sales trick to tell customers what you want them to do next. It’s a valuable tool used across B2B and B2C marketing to combat indecisiveness or lack of engagement, and empower customers to cut to the chase (with you, and not a competitor).  

Customer retention is all about good communication. Why? Because you can’t build loyalty without consistently reaching out to your customers, and ensuring that every comm has the power to generate an emotional response, rouse interest, and prove your keen understanding of who your customer is, and what it is that they need from you.

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