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Channel Incentive Programmes

Inspire channel partners to lead with your product. Smash your sales target every time with a channel incentive scheme.

Channel sales incentive programmes

Skyrocket channel partner sales

With a market-leading channel incentive scheme, you'll create loyal advocates among your indirect sales channel.

Your partners will go out of their way to get to grips with your product. Then deliver an exceptional experience on behalf of your brand.

"Would recommend in a heartbeat.

We have successfully used Incentivesmart for over 12 years to grow our independent sales channel, with regular feedback that the service and offering they provide is market leading.”

Miele, Category Manager

Win partner mindshare

Improve product knowledge

Simplify claims processes

Track participant performance

Example of a channel incentive scheme platform

New to channel incentives?

A well-structured channel incentive programme can take your indirect sales efforts into the stratosphere. 

Launch an incentive scheme and you'll quickly see:

  • A dramatic incremental sales uplift
  • Stronger loyalty among partners
  • Powerful product knowledge
  • Higher average order values
Sales leaderboard on a channel incentive program

Partners under-performing?

If you need a fresh pair of eyes on your programme, you've come to the right place. 

Migrate your incentive efforts to us and you'll enjoy:

  • Reinventing commission and rebate programmes
  • Best-in-class partner insight
  • Superior support to drive participation
  • A one-of-a-kind methodology



Innovative tech - for a market-leading channel incentive scheme

IncentiveSmart's market-leading channel incentive software delivers incremental revenue and partner mindshare across the board.

You'll enjoy a winning combination of eye-opening partner insight with seamless scheme administration. Plus some seriously tempting rewards to boot!

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Examples of screens from various channel incentives
Miele channel incentive background

Miele achieved
a 63% increase in sales throughout the pandemic,
using channel incentives.


Channel incentive

We've been at the forefront of channel incentive programmes for over two decades. So we know how to take partner performance to new heights.

What is a channel incentive programme?

A channel incentive programme is a strategy designed to influence the behaviours of channel partners. It offers rewards so that partners favour the businesses' products over that of competitors and engage in behaviours that increase income. Participants on channel incentive programmes earn rewards such as debit/gift cards, merchandise, or travel opportunities in exchange for reaching sales and service targets.

Why are channel partner incentives important?

When the channel partners have products they can promote from several brands, an incentive can be the difference between winning a sale or not. The right channel incentive strategy can also build partner loyalty and brand advocacy. So it is very important to harness the power of partner incentives to drive revenue, as an extension of your internal sales team.

What are the benefits of a channel incentive programme?

A well-structured channel partner incentive programme can have a huge upside for any business. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Increasing sales
  • Growing market share
  • Improving customer loyalty and advocacy
  • Building brand awareness
  • Motivating employees of channel partners
  • Inspiring innovation

What are the different types of channel incentives?

Channel incentives take many forms. Some of the most common channel partner incentives are based on the following:

  • Sales transactions
  • Rebates
  • Volume Discounts
  • Bundle and Warranty Kickers
  • SPIFFs
  • Referrals
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Take channel partner performance to the next level

Together, let's review your current partner engagement efforts and form a plan to boost indirect sales tenfold.