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Reseller Incentive Programmes

A market-leading reseller incentive programme enables manufacturers and wholesalers to increase repeat order frequency, customer lifetime value and order value.

Reseller incentive programmes


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Best-in-class reseller incentives

With a well-planned reseller incentive programme, you'll rapidly scale your business through partners.

Plus, you'll also gather eye-popping insight into what your end customer wants.

This makes reseller incentives both fundamental to the sales process, and key to future product development and marketing.

"We have found customers on our loyalty programme spend twice as much as those who are not, and are much, much easier to retain."

QA Flooring, Marketing Manager

Improve reseller sales

Gather end customer insight

Build reseller mindshare

Foster long-term loyalty

Tracking reseller activity

Forge lasting reseller relationships

Manufacturers and wholesalers rely on resellers to build market share. With the right incentive structure in place, you can expand into new markets, launch new products and grow incremental revenue from existing product lines.

With comprehensive reseller insight, together, we can build an incentive hub that's simply impossible to ignore. Then sit back and watch as loyalty and profits soar.

Reseller incentive scheme example

Make them forget the competition

You need resellers to be wholly invested advocates of your brand. To make that a reality, they need a lot of support. With a tiered incentive structure and comprehensive communications plan in place, they'll have everything they need.

Eliminate the noise from other providers. With a well-structured, enticing reseller incentive scheme, you will be the no. 1 brand that springs to mind.

Leading-edge reseller incentive tech

Effortless administration, powerful sales performance modules and money-can't-buy customer insight. These are the hallmarks of our reseller incentive platform.

Jam-packed full of rewards to spur your resellers into action, we use the lure of incentives to glean actionable insight into what motivates your partners and end customers.


Miele reseller incentive background

Miele achieved
a 63% Increase in sales
throughout the pandemic, using IncentiveSmart.

Karcher incentive example

Improving Kärcher distributor product knowledge and driving sales

An incentive programme for Kärcher whereby distributors could develop their brand and product knowledge, as well as earn points on qualifying purchases. 


DEB case study

Using sales claims data to unveil market intelligence and opportunities

Rewarding distributors of Deb products for sales whilst harnessing the claim validation process to gather end-user data. Thus, enabling Deb to better understand their market.


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Let's talk about your resellers!

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