How To Motivate Your Distributors

How To Motivate Your Distributors

July 8th 2021 - customer loyalty

We all need a little motivation every now and then. Whether it’s to be more healthy, get more sleep, or get more work done, we’ve all been there! So if you’re finding that some of your distributors may be lacking in motivation, then don’t worry - that’s what this blog is for!

You may find that only some of your sales channel partners actually operate the way you'd like them to –– i.e., they stick to your brand guidelines, spot upsell opportunities and demonstrate your product in the way you intended. The rest hold a lot of sales potential, but you're just not tapping into it. That can be pretty frustrating, right? Especially when you know it’s possible to achieve more!

To solve this problem, you need to personalise your approach. What makes each individual in your distributor network wake up in the morning and want to start selling your brand? The answer is unique to every person in your sales channel, of course, and you need to gather enough data to effectively segment your distributors and target them with messaging and strategies that are going to pique their interest on an individual level.

You're probably thinking that sounds really complicated. But don’t panic - it doesn't have to be!

We're here to help you build better relationships and provide the tools your distributors need to grow profit! Let’s explore some of our guiding principles in how to motivate your distributors.

Understand what drives them and create an incentive programme around it

It's time to find out what your distributors’ intrinsic motivators are. What encourages them to go the extra mile? What makes them feel positive toward a brand? What kind of rewards would motivate them?

Don't generalise; not everyone wants tech or household appliances––although there will be those that do! So how do you get the balance right?

The solution is to have a comprehensive catalogue that provides the best and most suitable reward selection for your distributors. At first, you may be casting your net too wide. But as your sales channel partners interact with your reward platform, you'll gather enough data to find out where the big winners are and how you can supplement or optimise those rewards.

Every interaction feeds your data and allows you to optimise your reward catalogue to suit. This means your distributors will have something to get excited about every time they gather points for positive sales activities.

Learn more about incentivesmart's engagement platform. 

Give them an easy life

Distributors don't want added complications in their already packed schedules. You win them over with excellent products that they can get behind and consistent and useful brand support. This means giving them the sales and marketing tools to succeed. 

Cut out the admin and provide all the necessary resources to run your campaigns and promote your product. Sales scripts, demo videos, infographics, testimonials and spec sheets are welcome additions to any seller's toolkit. And don't forget, your distributor may also stock competitor products. If one supplier provides him with a clear path to a sales win and the other only offers the bare minimum in sales support, which brand do you think they'll feel more confident selling?

Build a relationship with them

A great relationship with your distributors will encourage higher engagement and more sales. If they feel valued and appreciated as individuals and not just an additional sales channel, then they’re more likely to invest more time in your brand.

But how do you actually build and reinforce this relationship? With communication and a genuine vested interest in their success! This begins at onboarding, training, and of course, the effort and consistency with which you communicate. Sending regular emails, sharing newsletters,  openly listening to their suggestions, success stories and concerns, and simply checking in will help you establish a rewarding, long-term relationship.

Ultimately, you want your distributors to be your brand champions. They should sell your products with enthusiasm because they truly believe in their quality and your brand’s core values. Start with the basics and work your way up, creating an environment that fosters success for all involved in this process: end-users, distributors, and you! You get what you put in, so when you’re motivated to run your distributor network like a champ, your distributors will be inspired to deliver the results you desire. 


Are you ready to view a demo of our channel partner rewards platform? Let's get it in the diary! We'll be happy to show you how it works and what a partnership with Incentivesmart can achieve for your business. We help you establish measurable KPIs, identify areas for improvement, provide tools and support to help you get the most out of your distributors. 

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