Meet the Team - Emily

Meet the Team - Emily

May 17th 2021 - meet the team, Incentivesmarties

Emily Wright joined the Incentivesmart family in January 2021. With 7 years of marketing experience, she’s our first Marketing & Engagement Specialist within the business.

Emily not only supports the marketing for the Incentivesmart brand, but also works with our clients to help them increase engagement within their reward and recognition programmes.

A keen gym-goer, a cocktail lover and a fantastic marketer, we’re delighted to have her on-board!

Let's get to know her!

Hi Emily! So tell us a bit about your work background and experience.

As soon as I left college, I went straight into working full-time. Within 3 months, I landed my first Marketing job and haven’t looked back since! I’ve worked across multiple industries including print and distribution, education and most recently (and now!) software/tech.

What I love about marketing is how varied it is. One day I‘ll be writing website copy, the next day I’m at an event (pre-covid times, but hopefully again soon!) and the next, I am analysing marketing data.

Working at Incentivesmart has opened a brand new door for me as we sometimes operate as an agency, therefore I am getting my teeth stuck into our clients programmes and helping them, which I’m loving so far!


What's your favourite thing about Incentivesmart?

To echo what Jon said in his blog, it’s definitely the people! Everyone is really friendly, positive and supportive. I thought joining a new team in lockdown, behind a computer screen, would be challenging. But it’s been absolutely fine and that’s down to how welcoming the team have been!


Tell us a bit about life at home.

emily luna

I live with my boyfriend and our cat – Luna. (We did a “meet the pets” blog which she features on!)

You may call me an early bird as I’m up at 5:30am everyday to go to the gym before work. (I say every day, but really I mean Monday – Friday 🤐 ) The downside to that is a “lay in” hardly exists in my world. Come the weekend and I’m awake by 7:30am!

Since moving out and no longer being able to rely on Mum’s wonderful services, I’ve found a new love for cooking and strangely, cleaning! (Not quite Mrs Hinch yet may I add!)

Since lockdown, my clubbing nights out have been exchanged for cheese and wine nights, and binging on Netflix. I blame lockdown, but it may also be “getting old(er).”


Time for some quick fire questions... Favourite biscuit?

I can’t choose one! Custard creams, digestives, biscoff, Fox’s crunch creams… to name but a few.


Go-to karaoke song?

Sweet Caroline! (do do doooo!)


Ideal Friday night?

Good company and cocktails / prosecco.


Cat or dog?

Dog (except Luna of course!)


Favourite emoji?



Tea or coffee?



Favourite quote?

"There are no limits to what you can accomplish. Except the limits you place on your own thinking."


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